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Emperor Akihito

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明仁は、日本の現天皇である。 | Akihito is the reigning Emperor of Japan since 1989.
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明仁(あきひと、1933年(昭和8年)12月23日 - )は、日本の第125代天皇(在位:1989年(昭和64年)1月7日 - )である。平成時代においては「在位中の天皇」を意味する今上天皇とも呼ばれる。




















Akihito (明仁, born 23 December 1933) is the reigning Emperor of Japan (天皇 tennō), the 125th emperor of his line according to Japan's traditional order of succession. He acceded to the throne in 1989.


Akihito is the eldest son and the fifth child of Emperor Hirohito (the Shōwa Emperor) and Empress Kōjun. Titled Prince Tsugu (継宮 Tsugu-no-miya) as a child, he was raised and educated by his private tutors and then attended the elementary and secondary departments of the Peers' School (Gakushūin) from 1940 to 1952. Unlike his predecessors in the Imperial Family, he did not receive a commission as an Army officer, at the request of his father, Hirohito.


After the death of Emperor Hirohito on 7 January 1989, the crown prince received the succession (senso). Emperor Akihito formally acceded to the throne (sokui) on 12 November 1990. In 1998, during a state visit to the United Kingdom, he was invested with The Most Noble Order of the Garter.


Emperor Akihito underwent surgery for prostate cancer in January 2003. Since succeeding to the throne, Emperor Akihito has made an effort to bring the Imperial Family closer to the Japanese people. The Emperor and Empress of Japan have made official visits to eighteen countries, as well as all forty-seven Prefectures of Japan.


Later in 2011, he was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia. In February 2012, it was announced that the Emperor would be having a coronary examination. He underwent successful heart bypass surgery on 18 February 2012.


He was among several monarchs invited to lunch with Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in May 2012.


Marriage and children

On 10 April 1959, he married Michiko Shōda (born 20 October 1934), the eldest daughter of Hidesaburo Shōda, the president and later honorary chairman of Nisshin Flour Milling Company. The new Crown Princess was the first commoner to marry into the Imperial Family. The Emperor and Empress have three children:

  • HIH Crown Prince Naruhito (born 23 February 1960, titled Hiro-no-miya or Prince Hiro)
  • HIH Prince Akishino (Fumihito, born 30 November 1965, titled Aya-no-miya or Prince Aya)
  • The former HIH Princess Nori (Sayako, born 18 April 1969, titled Nori-no-miya or Princess Nori)



  • 23 December 1933 – 10 November 1952: His Imperial Highness The Prince Tsugu
  • 10 November 1952 – 7 January 1989: His Imperial Highness T。e Crown Prince of Japan
  • 7 January 1989 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Japan



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