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عبدالرشید دوستم  عبدالرشید دوستم 
عبدالرشید دوستم 
رهبر و موسس حزب جنبش ملی اسلامی افغانستان و رییس ارکان سرقوماندانی اعلی قوای مسلح این کشور است. | An Afghan politician, chairman of Jumbish.


عبدالرشید دوستم



عبدالرشید دوستم ، رهبر و موسس حزب جنبش ملی اسلامی افغانستان و رییس ارکان سرقوماندانی اعلی قوای مسلح این کشور است. او از فرماندهان سابق شبه نظامی در شمال افغانستان بود. حزب جنبش ملی اسلامی افغانستان عمدتاً از ازبک‌های افغانستان ساخته شده و بیشترین طرفداران او را نیز ازبک‌های افغانستان تشکیل می‌دهد. او از زمان حضور شوروی سابق در افغانستان در عرصه سیاسی و نظامی حضور داشته و عمدتاً در حمایت و یا مخالفت از گروه‌ها و جناح‌های مختلف، عمل کرده‌است. نیروهای به رهبری ژنرال دوستم در اواسط ۱۹۹۰ میلادی در کابل حضور داشتند – و یکی از طرف‌های اصلی درگیری در نبردهای میان گروهی به شمار می‌آمدند.







په منځۍ اسیا د تزاري روس د تاړاکونو له لامله د هغه ځای دیندوسته مسلمانان دې ته اړ شول، چې ګاونډی هېواد (افغانستان) ته پنا یوسي، د مهاجرت دا لړۍ همداسې له ۱۹مې پېړۍ څخه نیولې تر ۲۰مې پېړۍ پورې روانه وه، چې د شلمې پېړۍ په دویمه لسیزه کې د توردي کورنۍ هم د افغانستان مخه وکړه او د خواجه دوکوه په سیمه کې اباد شول.  تر ۱۹۳۰ز کال پورې دا کورنۍ پدې وتوانېده چې د یو خټین کور سره سره یوه ټوټه زمکه هم ترلاسه کړي، د شلمې پېړۍ په څلورمه لسیزه کې د توردی کوسې له یوې اوزبکې مور څخه په خواج دوکوه کې زېږول کېږي، چې د لومړي افغان په توګه چې په افغانستان کې وږېږېد، له افغانانو څخه په اغیزمنتیا یې د نوم پرې عبدالرشید (چې د مسلمانو پښتنو لومړی نیکه یادېږي) کېښود.  د امو سیند وراخوا اوزبک مهاجر توردي ( د دوستم غورنیکه) د ۱۹۳۰ز کال په وروستیو کې ومړ، حال دا چې د مړینې پر وخت یې ۲۰ تنه د کورنۍ غړي په افغان خاوره پرېښودل.


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Abdul Rashid Dostum (Persian: عبدالرشید دوستم) is a former army general during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and considered by many to be the leader of Afghanistan's Uzbek community. He is currently part of the leadership council of the National Front of Afghanistan along with Ahmad Zia Massoud and Mohammad Mohaqiq, as well as chairman of his own political party Junbish-e Milli-yi Islami-yi Afghanistan (National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan) or commonly known as Jumbish. He is also Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Afghan National Army, a role often viewed as ceremonial. He participated in battles against the Mujahideen fighters in the 1980s as well as against the Taliban in the 1990s.


Political career

Afghan government

Dostum served as deputy defense minister in Karzai government. In March 2003, He established a North Zone of Afghanistan, against the wishes of interim president Hamid Karzai. On 20 May 2003, Dostum narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. In the aftermath of Taliban's removal from northern Afghanistan, forces loyal to Dostum frequently clashed with forces loyal to Tajik General Ustad Atta Mohammed Noor. Atta's men kidnapped and killed a number of Dostum's men and constantly agitated to gain control of Mazar i Sharif. Through the political mediations of the Karzai regime, the U.S.-led international military coalition, and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, as well as the UN-run Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration program, the Dostum-Atta feud has largely ended. The two are now generally politically allied as part of a broader ideological effort to protect the interests of Afghanistan's war veterans like themselves. 


Time in Turkey

Some media reports stated earlier that Dostum was "seeking political asylum" in Turkeywhile others said he was exiled.One Turkish media outlet said Dostum was visiting after flying there with then Turkey's Foreign Minister Ali Babacan during a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).


Return to Afghanistan

Late at night on 16 August 2009, Dostum made a requested return from exile to Kabul to support President Hamid Karzai in his bid for re-election. The next day, on the last day of campaigning, he flew by helicopter to his northern stronghold of Sheberghan, where he was greeted by thousands of his supporters in the local stadium.He subsequently made overtures to the United States, promising he could "destroy the Taliban and al Qaeda" if supported by the U.S., saying that "the U.S. needs strong friends like Dostum."



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icon Abdul Rashid Dostum
icon Abdul Rashid Dostum
icon Abdul Rashid Dostum
icon Abdul Rashid Dostum
icon Abdul Rashid Dostum
icon Abdul Rashid Dostum

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